A cure to the administrative “Wireless Connection” pain !

Online surfing for patients and visitors at the Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg as well as for students and employees has become much more comfortable and straightforward since April 2014. Patients, relatives, students, employees and visitors can now use the wireless Internet access using Wi-Fi (WLAN) for free on the entire hospital premises. The users receive the access data, which is valid for one week, by text message on their mobile phone after registration.

Previously, if patients or visiting relatives wanted to work online or surf the net, they had to use a chip card with an access code, as was the case with making calls. The cost of 20 euros was reimbursed after the chip card was returned. This laborious registration has now been done away with: If you want to use the University Hospital’s WLAN, you need a WLAN-ready device, such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone or mobile phone.

Discover the highlights of that wireless project between the Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg and UCOPIA.

  • Licence for 1,500 simultaneous users, the network itself can cope with any number of visitors
  • 1,500 hot spots on the hospital premises ensure good reception
  • Patients and visitors register using their mobile phones, hospital protected against misuse


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Wireless : the right response to the ATAWAD trends?

The twenty-first century has seen the rise of technologies. Such as the IoT (= Internet of Things) or new smartphones usages, people understood the digital transformation strenghts really quickly and were waiting for brands and companies to follow the move as fast as them. Of course, it was way more difficult to digitalize the day to day work and for several good reasons. But that doesn’t change the outcome so users and customers were expecting brands to adapt and answer to their new needs.

And forsure, Any Time Any Where Any Device (ATAWAD) is a key element to how modern society is apprehending brands relationship. Technology is part of our daily lifes now and companies needs to understand these mobility concerns when working on their digital strategy or user experience. From a customer point of view but also from an internal side, as employee experience is another key topic on an effiency metrics.