From mass communication to real time marketing:

While mass communication is often viewed as intrusive by mobile users, contextual – in real time marketing allows you to refine your segments to adjust and push your content when your customer will be most interested in your offer. As a result, a brand new value leverage is at your fingertips, thanks to Wi-Fi technology, which can complement your omni-channel strategy.

Reconcile tracking of the web course and physical presence to propose scenarios representing exactly the reality of customer journeys. Discover now some examples of contextual marketing, illustrated in the video below:

De-anonymize the physical client: a utopia?

If the video can make smile by the apparent simplicity, the physical stores always have a card to play and in particular with the French consumers (source IPSOS). Customers, and especially the new generations, are waiting for new experience proposals within the stores.

But how can retailers offer personalized initiatives while in-store salespeople are limited to visual criteria or what they can learn by trading?

Real time Marketing : a data driven strategy!

Real time Marketing : for a succesful data driven strategy!

Reconcile On and Offline data

Many studies have highlighted the importance of the Web-To-Store (also called Drive-to-Store or Drive-to-Shop) in the uses and behavior of customers during their purchase process. All thinking about the digitalization of points of sale must go beyond the mere fact of integrating digital elements, like screens in the shopper’s panorama, to really offer a global shopping experience. Contextual – in real time marketing will thus allow brands to grasp the essence of a customer’s coming to directly offer him why he came. This approach is part of the desire to increase customer satisfaction and simplify its journey.


As you may have seen on our full proximity Marketing story, you can have a free access to our white papers written by our different experts. Discover more on the basic story of real-time marketing, data management and monetisation, or leverage on a phygital strategy in a retail environment and of course the compliancy with the new GDPR.