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Smart cities and technology

Public Space Wi-Fi can range from providing Internet access in public buildings such as tourist offices or libraries to a network that encompasses the entire city’s public space. The Smart City connects people, objects and sensors, providing a better service to the entire population.

Smart Cities allow people free, limited, managed or chargeable access to the Internet across many public locations: buses, trains and subway stations, on the pavement, in libraries…

Wherever they may be, Wi-Fi makes it easier to deliver information to the user, promote shopping and entertainment, and deliver better services to everyone.


  • Simple connectivity for citizens and visitors
  • An architecture that can meet the needs of today, and tomorrow
  • Access that works with any device in any language
  • A personalised digital environment
  • Ability to deliver focussed marketing campaigns
  • To send information and promote local business to all connected clients in real-time
  • Provide the best tourist experience with map-guidance, shopping, entertainment and transportation information


  • Easy and flexible on boarding
  • Highly flexible and scalable architecture(on-premise or cloud)
  • Target information and promotions based on user location
  • Real-time information services based on location: parking availability, traffic conditions and incidents
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Aggregate with other data sources for analysis
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns
  • Push messages in real time
  • Ensure clegal compliance

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