«The level of customisation of the UCOPIA solution is unequalled compared to other guest management solutions that we have been able to consider.»

Amir Vered
Olympia London

Stadiums and public venues experience

CONNECT your guests, COLLECT information about their behaviour and ENGAGE with them through advertising and promotions.

Wi-Fi is at the core of your visitors’ experience.

We turn your Wi-Fi Social and bring new traffic to your venue!

UCOPIA allows the audience to share the moment. Hosting tens of thousands of users with different profiles and devices, performance and experience is guaranteed. Work on bringing more services and exclusivity on your Wi-Fi Network to start building a strong relationship with your customers.

Venues can provide high quality information services to deliver an outstanding digital environment to enhance customers’ loyalty and send targeted advertising to increase sales. User data collection and analysis provides an enhanced personalised experience and reduces SPAM or mass communication.

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