« UCOPIA is uniquely positioned to provide true end-user engagement rather than simple connectivity and to allow organisations to communicate in a truly interactive manner with their staff and guests. »

Sam Wray,
Sales Director at Datrix


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Wi-Fi Healthcare: a focus on user experience

Clinicians and patients, administrators and visitors: they all now rely on having personalised, secure access to online medical records and applications, administrative databases and the Internet and their own entertainment.

We make that connection simple, secure and compliant with privacy laws.

Wi-Fi healthcare: the first step to satisfayingpatients and employees needs

Healthcare institutions rely on Wi-Fi to support Electronic Medical Records, diagnostic testing, e-prescribing and many more key clinical applications.

Hospitals and clinics need to ensure that access to the network is controlled and data secured in a manageable and efficient way.
Healthcare institutions rely on the network to support clinical services for patients and staff, private data for administrators, and public access for patients and visitors.

Doctors and nurses access patient data and use clinical applications wherever they are in a hospital, but at the same time share the network with patients and visitors.

« Datrix have chosen UCOPIA to complement our existing wireless networking portfoliobecause of our strong belief in making IT more end-user focussed. We believe that UCOPIA is uniquely positioned to provide true end-user engagement rather than simple connectivity and to allow organisations to communicate in a truly interactive manner with their staff and guests. In the NHS, Datrix believe that this comprehensive engagement can have specific benefits for patients through the delivery of customised and relevant communications – allowing hospitals a platform to bring together disparate methods of communication and provide patients with an accessible portal into a broad variety of hospital services to significantly improve the patient experience

Sam Wray,
Sale Director at Datrix

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