Employees and visitors connect with both corporate and personal devices (BYOD).
IT must adopt new ways of managing mobility and ensure they serve business flexibly, while maintaining control and security.


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Wi-Fi Enterprises: the start of the digital journey

Access to visitor Wi-Fi is expected in any organisation by guests and employees. The connection should be easy and have no impact on the day-to-day operations of the business. Whether the organisation hosts large numbers of visitors, training centres or manages multi-tenanted buildings, self-service or sponsored access is crucial.

Wi-Fi Enterprises, the answer for mobility!

Enterprise mobility means connectivity wherever the employee is and whatever device they chooses to use to connect. It may be at the office, at home, in a hotel; with a corporate laptop or a personal smartphone. Their connection to the network should be easy and secure with a personalised experience.

Enterprises needs :

Management of mobility and BYOD (Bring your own device)
Authenticate and authorise for secure connectivity
Control session bandwidth
Support any type of client
Control access locally or from a central Network Operations Centre
Precisely define each users or groups’ access rights

UCOPIA provides :

Audited and certified as a secure access solution from ANSSI (the French Security Agency)
Host sponsored login credentials for visitors with reporting and accountability
BYOD and Network Access Control
A flexible, scalable architecture that integrates with all existing IP and security infrastructures (directory services, authentication mechanisms and firewalls)
Compliance and accountability to report on use (Anti-terrorism and GDPR)

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