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Place customer needs and experience at the heart of your strategy! Weblib offers different solutions focused on improving customer experience with a range of digital and interactive solutions to transform interactions between businesses and their customers. Among the different solutions, we can find an all-in-one customer experience platform, tablet fleet management software, an interactive kiosk, a tailor-made mobile application and data analysis tools. help businesses create memorable, personalized experiences.

Weblib works with businesses around the world to reinvent the customer experience at every touchpoint of an establishment, so why not yours? Connect, Collect and Engage your users now!

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The Smart Wifi solution

Engage users

The Smart Wifi solution is focused on the user experience and guarantees simple ergonomics adapted to the general public thanks to the customization of captive portals and cutting-edge interfaces allowing you to implement a Wifi marketing strategy. Thanks to the cloud, it allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections, based solely on the capacity of your on-site installations (compatible with Ucopia Express, Advance and Cloud).

Discover some features:

  • create a designer and modern captive portal, in your image
  • know the customers and start the conversation
  • geolocate and analyze the customer journey in store
  • promote with coupons, loyalty programs & newsletters
  • protect personal data
Discover Smart Wifi
mockup d'une interface smart wifi dans un téléphone
mockup de plusieurs tablette floating avec des interfaces tab instore intégrées

The Tab inStore solution

Your large-scale digital strategy

The Weblib group’s Tab inStore solution allows you to deploy and manage fleets of mobile devices in companies or businesses. You can carry out all management and updates remotely with the powerful control software. Easily propose new user experiences, collect data, analyze behaviors and adapt your strategies easily and quickly.

Tab inStore allows you

  • To deploy tablets in points of sale on a large scale, to monitor their activity and update their content remotely using on-board software.
  • To guarantee a secure environment for your freely accessible tablets. Systematic deletion of users’ personal data is ensured after each session.
  • Access statistics and collect data: number of users, most used applications, level of availability… but also to compare the performance of your points of sale, to consult the results of your satisfaction questionnaires, etc.
  • Deploy internal applications or purchased from stores with updating wallpapers, screensavers and tablet applications remotely, via an intuitive interface.
Discover Tab inStore

The Smilein solution

Order and payment via QR Code

Smilein is originally an ordering and payment application for the restaurant and hotel industry. No more waiting at the table or at the counter to order or pay; and no need to download an application with QR Codes! Depending on the configured customer journey, the order is to be served at the table, collected at the counter, delivered to the hotel room… That’s innovation.

Average basket over €40 via the catering app.

Combine Wifi and sales

But the innovation doesn’t stop there! Smilein is now compatible with the Smart Wifi solution (which itself is compatible with Ucopia solutions). You can then imagine a new digital customer experience!

A simple Wifi connection and your users access a portal then an application offering the services, products and offers of your establishment. Simply connect to Wifi, place your order (meals, tickets, massage treatments, etc.) and pay. That’s all ! You can even imagine a room service service and include your digital room directory.

Connect spaces with innovative and complementary digital solutions in order to engage users and provide a better customer experience

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Ucopia by Weblib solutions

Ucopia solutions meet the needs of many sectors and allow you to identify your employees and guests by integrating with all the elements of your network (firewall, Wi-Fi, proxy, directories, etc.). All flows from or to the user pass through the controller or the Ucopia cloud in order to guarantee security, simplify coupling with the LAN, facilitate administration, and improve user comfort. Depending on the range chosen, Ucopia Lite, Ucopia Express, Ucopia Advance, Ucopia Cloud, the technical characteristics and functionalities may differ (simultaneous connections, servers, licenses, compatibility, multi-site, architecture, customization, etc.).

With the aim of complementarity, certain solutions from the Weblib group are compatible with each other. The combination of different digital functionalities makes it possible to offer unique journeys and experiences to users. We can go very far when we know that the Ucopia Advance solution is compatible with Smart Wifi which itself is compatible with Smilein.

photo montage d'un serveur ucopia et d'un ordinateur qui présente les statistiques