Service first: Lux-Airport offers a free and unlimited 10x faster Wi-Fi

Another step towards a more user-friendly experience has been made by upgrading the free, unlimited Wi-Fi network recently at Luxembourg Airport. Visitors and travellers can now benefit from a free Wi-Fi connection which is up to 10 times faster depending on the location in the terminal. The free Wi-Fi is available in the public area of the terminal, at the boarding gates, in all shops and restaurants and also on the short term parking C.

Discover the full intervention of the international airport of Luxembourg on their website.


How is the airport of Luxembourg answering passengers needs?

The Luxembourg-Findel international airport ranks fifth among European freight airports and had a flow of 3,021,346 passengers during the year 2016. Positioned as an innovative public place, having already offered Wi-Fi Free from 2013, the company wanted to respond once again to the current trends of its customers and mobile users.Antoine Boisjibault, pre-sales consultant at UCOPIA reviews the needs of this transport hub in Luxembourg.

“Nearly 5,000 people connect daily to the UCOPIA captive portal of the Luxembourg Airport and enjoy fast and secure access. The setting up of the portal within the Luxembourg Airport has made it possible to simplify the access of passengers to the free Wi-Fi offered by the airport. The personalization of the homepage was carried out in accordance with the design of the website in response to the expectations of the marketing teams Lux-Airport: to maintain quality and homogeneity. “


The ATAWAD trend:

Beyond the explosion of connected objects as well as the growth in the rate of equipment, there are many other elements in today’s society that push companies to accelerate their digital transformation. This digital shift encourages the different professions to evolve and meet the new needs that have made their apparitions. Thus, mobile users and travelers are particularly sensitive to having enriched connectivity. Any Time, Any Where, Any Device (ATAWAD) is therefore a leitmotiv that is gaining interest with increasing mobility. Luxembourg airport continues to see passenger flow growth year after year: from 2.7 million in 2015 to more than 3 million last year.


So how do we continue to satisfy these visitors?

What if making Wi-Fi free and unlimited was only a first step in improving the customer experience? Filling the long waiting times that people can encounter in airports by focusing on the culture of entertainment and the democratization of streaming services is undoubtedly a very relevant choice. So what if waiting for his flight could be a good moment, with meaningful experience as if tou were at home?