With the convergence of multiple factors such as the arrival of new generations or the democratization of technologies in the professional world, French, European and global companies are forced to begin their transformation. This leap into the unknown is nevertheless guided by the constituent elements of these organizations, i.e. the employees, their needs and their expectations. So what are the avenues to follow to put a little creativity into the daily lives of employees and promote their mobility?


Digitalized professional environment

If the concept of “digital workspace” or workstation virtualization is at the heart of business concerns, the challenge remains significant for many organizations which are struggling to find solutions to increase agility, mobility and productivity.

However, this simple technical development is not an end in itself insofar as future talents are above all looking for organizations that advocate responsiveness and cross-functionality. In short, always more collaboration and simplicity.


Instructions for the mobility of information systems

This term, of barbaric appearance, embeds many characteristics that it is important to follow. Both to keep in mind the legal obligations to be respected, whether for example in the provision of a public Wi-Fi network, but also the essential steps to build an experience centered on employees and their needs.

This design of experience is built, here again, on collaboration and joint reflection. Both to involve all employees in this digital transformation, but also to develop learning and maximize the appropriation of these new tools.