Understanding the importance of customer data

In recent years, digitisation, stockpiling of data, technological evolution, and new laws and regulations have seen a renewed acceleration and have completely shaken up daily life for companies and individuals. There are numerous consequences, from the creation of new careers, to new digital challenges, to paradigm shifts. All of these changes can be overwhelming for both company managers and their employees. So, how can companies make sense of it all and move forward, relying on these new opportunities to grow their businesses?

To help you start from scratch and better understand how to position your company in this world of ‘big data’ where customer data have become the lifeblood of many business lines, UCOPIA uses its core expertise to guide you in getting value out of your Wi-Fi network. While at first this may seem obvious, or perhaps unimportant, for many of our clients, their Wi-Fi network is their top source for data collection. Furthermore, Wi-Fi data are high-quality and not shared by other parties.

The fact that they are not shared is essential in today’s data ecosystem, which is often hyper-fragmented between multiple sources, undermining your daily operations and the power of the tools that you use. This can result in poor quality of your databases, unclear vision of your customer profiles, and more. Ultimately, these disadvantages can hurt your communication efforts. So, now is your chance to take back control of your data and improve the experience that you offer your customers, no matter what your area of business is.

Customer data - capitalize on your Wi-Fi network

Take charge of your data and generate value via your Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi, along with the growth of 4G and soon the arrival of 5G, combined with the ubiquity of smartphones in our daily lives, have transformed consumer habits, creating new ‘connected’ behaviours. Every network connection generates and uses data, now a significant digital tool. Offering free Wi-Fi is today a strategic way to collect data, offering much more than just customer satisfaction. The goal is to capitalise on the added value and additional services in order to provide the user with a new, richer experience that is more engaging because of its personalisation. This is all made possible by Wi-Fi personalised marketing.


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