Wi-Fi, an opening lever thanks to WiFi4EU

WiFi4EU is a program launched in 2018 by the European Union to help cities and towns across Europe cover the cost of equipping and installing Wi-Fi hotspots. install WiFi4EU access points in indoor or outdoor public spaces (town halls, health centers, public squares, pedestrian streets, etc.) where there is no comparable offer of free Wi-Fi.

“Since connectivity must benefit everyone, then it does not matter where you live or what your salary level is. We propose today to equip every village and every city in Europe with free wireless internet access around the main centers of public life by 2020. ”

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission

Portail captif WiFi4EU - Solution UCOPIA

An extensive selection program for WiFi4EU

If there is a selection phase for beneficiaries to receive the allocation of this assistance, the partner companies and providers of Wi-Fi-related services had to meet specific specifications in order to be referenced by the European Union.

Municipalities receiving a coupon are free to define their Wi-Fi installation plans and to obtain the necessary equipment in accordance with the public procurement rules. They can consult the list of Wi-Fi installation companies operating in their geographical area.

After several developments, the UCOPIA “WiFi4EU” solution meets the following configurations and architectures:

  • Target : Smart cities and public venues
  • Minimal bandwidth: 30 Mbps
  • Free captive portal without Advertising
  • SSID = « WiFi4EU »
  • One click connexion without any personal data subscription
  • Automatic connexion for at least 12h
  • Terms & conditions
  • Graphical integration of WiFi4EU


The company UCOPIA is now officially referenced in the catalog of Public Procurement and will be able to respond with all its partners also certified to this Invitation to Tender to meet the connectivity needs of municipalities.