How to reconcile contextual marketing and digital strategy?

For a number of years now, data-driven marketing and customer experience have been at the heart of brand exchanges and digital strategies. However, the latter are often far removed from proximity marketing, an option that is often overlooked because it is strongly rooted in different technologies, such as Wi-Fi.

As a privileged partner in the digital transformation of French and European brands, UCOPIA has been developing its expertise for several years in support and strategic consultancy in order to develop a new dimension of services dedicated to physical venues. Read Duc Phan’s interview on connected stadiums.


Proximity marketing: link digital course and physical experience

Indeed, the growing disparity between the information collected during web browsing and when a customer visits a point of sale means that brands are unable to create an overall experience at present. As a result, the various scenarios are marred by grey areas that can, at best, hamper storytelling and, at worst, harm the customer.

Contextual marketing revolves around real-time customer engagement by transposing digital codes to the physical world. Every point of contact is therefore an opportunity to create valuable momentum in a privileged exchange with the end user.


Proximity marketing, contextual marketing and user journey

Step 1: Enhancing your brand image

Although Wi-Fi is a familiar technology for the vast majority of mobile phone users, numerous studies have shown that hackers can use it to steal user data. Particularly when connecting to an unknown, unsecured network. Personalising your login page is therefore a guarantee of security and quality, as well as maintaining the consistency of your brand image.

Step 2: Capitalise on the services on offer

Although many profiles automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network, this is not yet a reflex for the majority of the population. On the other hand, UCOPIA’s solutions allow you to highlight your content marketing strategy to increase the rate of engagement. Every promotion or feature article to be discovered becomes an invitation to connect.