Adapt and offer new solutions: the example of Monaco WiFi

On the occasion of Monaco Télécom’s article in the Principality’s press about Monaco WiFi, Mélanie Heckel, Marketing & Communications Director at UCOPIA, looks back at the transformation of public places.

The growth of Wi-Fi in France is a reality that we are witnessing through the various projects where our solutions are present. From large public places to local shops, Wi-Fi technology has become an everyday tool that is gradually being transformed to meet the new needs of brands and users.

The new paradigms in modern society are challenging public players and companies alike to revolutionise the way they communicate. Consumers are more volatile, searching for meaning and becoming quality ambassadors, critical and attentive.
Connected public spaces take on their full meaning in the development of smart cities, as they seek to give residents, tourists and visitors the opportunity to interact directly with their environment. It’s a progressive, people-centred approach that is evolving rapidly thanks to the many initiatives being taken by French and international cities. And it is with great pleasure that we contribute to these projects within UCOPIA.

To read the french article in Monaco Matin, click here or here.

The Principality is equipping itself to satisfy tourists and residents with Monaco WiFi

Although the deployment of WiFi in the Principality of Monaco is being carried out quite naturally by the operator Monaco Télécom, the approach is just as important as the aim of the project.

Indeed, as the renewed interest in the dystopian genre in recent years has shown – whether in film or in writing – technology can frighten the community. So it’s essential to start by communicating with future users by offering guarantees of safety and ethics. This is another advantage of using WiFi technology, which means that end-users have to connect voluntarily and can disconnect directly from their terminals.

Secondly, the Principality’s residents and tourists will be able to promote this new tool to propose and create new value-added services for the community. As part of this process of co-constructing a solution, it is vital that the technology places people at the heart of the project, so that it can be constantly renewed and adapted to new uses and future users. The Principality of Monaco is at the beginning of this vast SmartCity project, but will be able to count on these numerous events with international spin-offs to gather feedback and improve this new experience at the heart of the city.