B2B event planning: WiFi to the rescue of user experience

Digital transformation is no longer only a challenge for companies: it is the only way forward.  Faced with fundamental changes that are shaping our society, and the now systematic integration of new technologies in business processes and tools, digital is essential everywhere, all the time, to such an extent that the real challenge is becoming our ability to tear ourselves away from it. Despite the pace of change, some sectors, such as B2B event planning, are struggling to embrace this transformation… and they are paying a high price.

B2B event planning lagging behind the digitisation trend

Despite traditionally being a major player in B2B communication, the event planning sector is struggling to bring the change.  Compared with highly innovative B2C shows, such as VivaTech, and brands that are increasingly using pop-up venues and events to grab the fleeting attention of their target, B2B event planning still has a way to go. Other than ticketing and a modest presence on social networks, this sector has not yet managed to integrate digital at the core of its projects.

And yet, trade show goers are above all users: they have Facebook accounts, use smartphones and even apps such as Amazon Prime Now. They are continuously targeted by innovative advertising messages, personalised according to their preferences, interests and consumption habits.

By failing to provide a unique user experience through digital technology, B2B event planning is facing constantly declining attractiveness, faced with professionals who have neither the time nor the desire to travel.

Event Planning: how to use the smartphone as an engagement tool througgh WiFi?

WiFi in the service of customer experience

Event organisers no longer have a choice: B2B event planning must adopt an experience-centric approach in order to transform its outdated image.

WiFi forms the basis of 2.0 trade shows, enabling enhanced communication of practical information concerning the event by targeting the right audience, and providing alerts and notifications during the event. It also brings a breath of fresh air for users who are hungry for digital, thanks to the possibility of pushing interactive content according to the geolocation or interests of users, as well as immersive experiences. WiFi can transform a traditional event into personalised gatherings, adapted to the tastes and habits of individuals.


B2B events do not systematically provide public WiFi: in the digital age, this is a mistake which is losing it a precious audience. To remedy this situation, they need to enter the digital age and integrate new technologies at the heart of their events, which is absolutely essential for a more modern image and increased attractiveness.