Wi-Fi is a “must-have” for any hospitality venue! Its quality and the experience user have when connecting can affect positively or negatively the fame of the venue.

Considering Dubai’s aspirations on the tourism area, the United Arab Emirates Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has released an executive resolution (No. 3/2016) concerning the provision of Wi-Fi Internet service in public areas of Hotel establishments.

Concretely what does it mean ?

Among others, that Hotel Establishments must be able to show that the Wi-Fi connection they are providing is proper and scalable. They should also ensure by December 9, 2016 that they are taking actions to provide a secure connection for the user and that Service access logs are saved and retrievable during 6 months.




How can we help you?

At UCOPIA, we understand that offering a Wi-Fi access to the public is no trivial matter and our aim is to bring our expertise to give the hospitality industry the keys to provide a secure connection to users while ensuring legal compliance.

UCOPIA meets this need by managing session logs (who is connected and when?) and activity logs (who did what?), an indispensable mechanism for meeting the legal requirements laid down by the Executive Resolution released by The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.
We will also improve the digital experience on-site providing you with a customised guest acces portal, help you collect and analyse useful data on your visitors behaviour and profile and let you engage with them in real-time or through targeted campaigns.

With more than 3500 references in Hospitality, we are ready to help Dubai Hotels take up the challenge !

Turn your Wi-Fi secure & legally compliant!


Feel free to contact UCOPIA directly for any question you may have concerning the different ways to improve your Wi-Fi and enhance the user experience.