New technologies continue to revolutionize the landscape, offering endless opportunities for businesses and professionals. Once again this year, several leading events will bring together IT experts, innovators, and connectivity professionals to discuss the latest technological advancements, emerging trends, and best practices in WiFi. In this article, we will explore the must-attend tech events in 2024 for those looking to stay at the forefront of Wifi connectivity and the most advanced IoT technologies.


If You’re in France

Wireless Expo

Date: September 2024 – Location: Lyon, France

The Wireless Expo is a platform dedicated to wireless technologies, including WiFi. This event brings together industry professionals, WiFi solution providers, network integrators, and experts to discuss the latest trends and best practices in wireless connectivity.

IT Partner

Date: March 2024 – Location: Paris, France

IT Partners is an essential professional event in the field of information technology (IT). It brings together key players in the IT industry, including technology solution providers, computer experts, service providers, and IT professionals. The 2024 edition of IT Partners will showcase the latest trends and technological innovations in the field of IT, including digital transformation, cybersecurity, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity, and more. The event offers participants the opportunity to explore new business opportunities, establish strategic partnerships, and discover the latest solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of the IT market.


If You’re in Europe

Wi-Fi NOW Europe

Date: September 2024 – Location: Geneva

Wi-Fi NOW Europe is one of the most significant WiFi events worldwide. In 2024, it will bring together key industry players, regulators, technology experts, and businesses to explore the latest innovations in WiFi, the 6th generation of Wi-Fi (6E), public WiFi networks, security, and much more.

IoT Solutions World Congress

Date: October 2024 – Location: Barcelona, Spain

The IoT Solutions World Congress is a global reference in industrial IoT. This event will showcase innovations that are transforming industries, including manufacturing, logistics, energy, and healthcare. Participants will have the opportunity to discover concrete use cases and discuss best practices for leveraging IoT in their respective fields.

Adria Security Summit

Date: Late 2024 – Location: To be announced

The Adria Security Summit is a leading event in the field of IT security and cybersecurity in Southeast Europe. This event brings together security experts, cybersecurity professionals, industry representatives, policymakers, and researchers to discuss current and future challenges in IT security. It is a unique platform for sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, presenting innovative solutions, and addressing emerging cybersecurity trends.

IoT Tech Expo Global

Date: May 2024 – Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The IoT Tech Expo Global is an exceptional opportunity to delve into the most advanced IoT technologies. The event covers a wide range of topics, including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain. Exhibitors will showcase innovative solutions, while conferences will address emerging trends and current challenges in IoT.


The year 2024 promises to be an exciting period for IoT and WiFi connectivity professionals, with various professional events dedicated to technology and innovation. These events offer a unique opportunity to discover the latest technological advancements, share knowledge with industry experts, and stay updated on emerging trends in connectivity across different business sectors. Do not miss these opportunities to immerse yourself in the ever-evolving future of wireless connectivity.

In addition to these major events, numerous seminars, webinars, roadshows, and local workshops will be organized by major tech players throughout the year, covering a wide range of topics, including enterprise WiFi network management, cloud WiFi, industrial applications, and cybersecurity.


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