UCOPIA forms a partnership with Toluna and provides its customers with real-time survey and polling tools.

UCOPIA, a major player in access management, analytical processing and Wi-Fi marketing, announces its partnership with Toluna, a leader in the collection of real-time digital insights from the general public.

This partnership gives UCOPIA customers the opportunity to know and receive live feedback from their Wi-Fi users, thanks to Toluna’s integrated insights platform, and thus better understand the behavior and feelings of these users. On the other hand, the Toluna panel, made up of 9 million members worldwide, makes it possible to assess the opinion of other consumers.

UCOPIA users can query their customers on demand, using Toluna’s integrated insights platform. Plateau, CEO of UCOPIA. “Indeed, over the past four years we have focused on analytical processing and marketing in the Wi-Fi environment. Our Wi-Fi Analytics service allows our customers to better understand end users and collect profile and behavioral data necessary for decision-making. Our support in Wi-Fi marketing invites our customers to make the most of the data collected. Data collection is not an end in itself, but rather part of a process of improving customer relations. This is precisely what we offer: data and direct access to a targeted audience!”

And Didier Plateau to specify: “our partnership with Toluna enriches our offer. Now our customers can design surveys and collect customer feedback. They get to know them better, engage in stronger relationships with them and gain visibility on their experience. This is a key advantage for building a relevant business strategy.”

“We are delighted with this partnership with UCOPIA: real-time access to customer feedback has become an imperative,” explains Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO of Toluna. “We have designed a self-service survey and analytical processing platform, so that partners like UCOPIA have transparent, real-time and global visibility. They access on demand a panel of people who can be interviewed, as well as reporting, analysis and visualization tools, directly from the UCOPIA platform. With Toluna, the concept of real-time polling becomes reality. ”


About de Toluna

Toluna, the leader in real-time digital insights collection, helps companies test their ideas, identify new business opportunities and get their questions answered in real time. Toluna renews marketing decision-making by connecting the general public and brands within the world’s largest community of online polls and votes (9 million members in 49 countries). This real-time access to consumers is accompanied by advanced survey and analysis solutions. With 18 offices in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific, Toluna supports the largest research institutes, media agencies and advertisers. For more information