UCOPIA announces a partnership with Olfeo, expert in web security and content filtering

Olfeo is a software publisher, expert in web security and content filtering, and a leader in its field for over 14 years. Olfeo offers demanding organisations the only web security gateway that combines technological expertise, legal & cultural compliance and the human factor. Its web security gateway based on a Proxy infrastructure includes the following modules: Proxy Cache QoS and SSL Decryption, URL Filtering, DNS Filtering, Protocol Filtering, Flow Antivirus and Public Portal.

Working together in the field of Internet connectivity, the two companies will provide their customers with an integrated offering, combining UCOPIA’s captive portal and Olfeo’s URL filtering according to their needs.


UCOPIA, the European leader in Wi-Fi connectivity and proximity experience (UX), has announced a technological partnership with Olfeo, an expert in Web security and content filtering.

“This agreement was an obvious choice. It responds to a logic of commercial complementarity but above all of technological complementarity linked to the strong interoperability of our offers,” declared Didier Plateau, CEO of UCOPIA. “UCOPIA has extensive expertise in captive portals, mechanisms that intercept user flows to enable authentication, while Olfeo stands out for its proven proxy and Internet content filtering solution. Drawing on the strengths of each player, our joint technological proposal will offer customers a high-performance, secure Internet connectivity solution.”

“Olfeo secures Internet access thanks to several complementary modules: proxy with SSL decryption, url filtering, protocol filtering, DNS filtering, flow antivirus, and the public portal,” says Alexandre Souillé, CEO of Olfeo. “The partnership with UCOPIA will enable us to strengthen our value proposition for captive portals, while giving them the benefit of our expertise in URL filtering, which is both granular and functionally rich, guaranteeing a high level of legal protection in each country. I’m delighted with this agreement, which will strengthen the environment of trust on the Internet for demanding organisations and support our technological expertise.”


The two players will offer high-performance, ultra-secure Internet connectivity that complies with regulatory constraints.

 Both French companies have a long-standing commitment to security and regulatory compliance. Faced with the current legislative changes (law on the consultation of terrorist sites, European law for the protection of personal data GDPR…) customers will have the guarantee of the sovereignty and control of their data. In particular, this will ensure compliance with current regulations while optimising user browsing experience.