Public venues

“The level of customisation
of the UCOPIA solution is
unmatched compared to the
other Guest access solutions
we looked at.”

Amir Vered,

Olympia London

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CONNECT your guests, COLLECT information about their behaviour, ENGAGE with them through advertising and promotions.

We Turn Your Wi-Fi Social and bring new traffic to your venue !

UCOPIA allows the audience to share the moment. Hosting tens of thousands of users with different profiles and devices, performance and experience is guaranteed.
Venues can provide high quality information services to deliver an outstanding digital environment to enhance customers loyalty and send targeted advertising to increase sales.



“As a business we want to offer the very best standard of service, UCOPIA are allowing us to unlock our potential in delivering excellence through using their WiFi infrastructure. We can harvest and analyse our user data and serve users adverts for our own products or products to a 3rd party. By allowing us to measure and monetize the system, UCOPIA are offering us a way to create a revenue channel. In a strange way we are the one’s getting free WiFi!

Sean Miller, Digital Media Producer at Edgbaston

Public Venues Key Requirements


Connect users to your Wi-Fi easily and completely securely, thanks to UCOPIA fully integrated authentication mechanisms.

Users self provision quickly and easily


UCOPIA provides multi portal management with simple portal customization through a graphical editor. Incredible flexibility with powerful HTML standard technologies and portal API access.


UCOPIA operates inline and offline, on premise or cloud, and has full IP interoperability, providing an incredibly flexible way of deploying the service.


Comply with legal requirements to collect and collate usage data

Solution Wifi / BYOD : ANALYSEZ


Understand your Wi-Fi usage and your guest behaviour to optimize your business


Engage users through content push and monetize your Wi-Fi infrastructure

Client reference

Our aim was to be able to provide our customers with free, high-speed wireless Internet access, and to comply with legislation (…) whilst reusing our telephony cabling for a customer base of demanding business people. We are very satisfied with the UCOPIA solution. All of the staff appreciate how easy it is to manage and our customers are delighted to finally be able to connect securely to a wireless network.

PIERRE BAYLE, Director of the Hotel Atrium Hotel Atrium,
Blagnac – Haute Garonne