CONNECT your guests
COLLECT information
about their behaviour
ENGAGE with them through
advertising and promotions.

We Turn Your Wi-Fi
and bring new
to your store !

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Engage with customers and keep them coming back to the store with an unforgettable digital experience. Make connectivity so simple and inspiring that
customers become brand ambassadors.
Knowing who your customers are and what they do digitally in store helps you interact better, deliver outstanding service and design smarter through contextappropriate promotions.
Integrate on-line with in-store shopping experience to change your shoppers into faithful customers who will be welcomed back every time they connect.


  • Easy connection for customers
  • A flexible and scalable architecture for store of any size
  • Compatibility with every device
  • A personalised digital environment
  • Analytics reports on shoppers behaviour & journey
  • Creation of highly focused marketing campaigns
  • To push messages to the visitors’ devices (promotional offers, real time & location relevant information)
  • Leverage and measure customers satisfaction
  • Legal obligation compliance


  • Easy on boarding combining flexible personal data collection (self registration, social media authentication) as well as automatic re-authentication
  • Flexible architecture and cost effective deployment model allowing hundreds of stores to be managed from a single datacentre
  • Fully customisable in store digital experience
  • Customer data collection and analytics
  • Web injection to provide context relevant information to customers and enable marketing campaigns.
  • Ensure compliancy with the law (store connection data)

Retail Key Requirements


Connect users to your Wi-Fi easily and completely securely, thanks to UCOPIA fully integrated authentication mechanisms.

Users self provision quickly and easily


UCOPIA provides multi portal management with simple portal customization through a graphical editor. Incredible flexibility with powerful HTML standard technologies and portal API access.


UCOPIA operates inline and offline, on premise or cloud, and has full IP interoperability, providing an incredibly flexible way of deploying the service.


Comply with legal requirements to collect and collate usage data

Solution Wifi / BYOD : ANALYSEZ


Understand your Wi-Fi usage and your guest behaviour to optimize your business


Engage users through content push and monetize your Wi-Fi infrastructure

Client reference

Our aim was to be able to provide our customers with free, high-speed wireless Internet access, and to comply with legislation (…) whilst reusing our telephony cabling for a customer base of demanding business people. We are very satisfied with the UCOPIA solution. All of the staff appreciate how easy it is to manage and our customers are delighted to finally be able to connect securely to a wireless network.

PIERRE BAYLE, Director of the Hotel Atrium Hotel Atrium,
Blagnac – Haute Garonne